Won the Google Gemini AI Hackathon


NextTail by SoftServedWeb Clinches First Place at Google Gemini LablabAI Hackathon

We at SoftServedWeb are thrilled to announce a monumental achievement in the field of AI-powered development tools. Our innovative project, NextTail, has emerged victorious at the prestigious Google Gemini LablabAI Hackathon, outshining a field of over 1000+ participants.

A Leap for Front-End Development

NextTail is not just a product—it's a revolution. Born from the challenges we've faced in the web development arena, it embodies our commitment to transforming the front-end development process. The core objective of NextTail is to expedite the transition from design to code—a notorious bottleneck in development pipelines.

The Edge of Innovation: NextTail

What sets NextTail apart? It's the ability to take a design in any common format like PNG, JPEG, or WEBP and convert it directly into Tailwind CSS. But we didn't stop there. We've integrated a live preview feature and a contained IDE, enabling developers to adjust and perfect the AI-generated code seamlessly.

Beyond the Horizon

Winning the hackathon is just the beginning. Our vision for NextTail extends into the realms of 'prompt to code', as well as converting prompts or designs straight into fully operational websites and apps.

A Victory for Developers Everywhere

Our triumph at the Google Gemini , LablabAI Hackathon is more than just a testament to our team's hard work. It's a victory for every developer who's ever been bogged down by the tedium of converting design to code. NextTail is our contribution to a future where developers can focus on creativity and innovation, leaving the drudgery behind.

Join the Revolution

We are proud to extend an invitation to developers and enthusiasts alike to experience the pinnacle of front-end development. See for yourself why NextTail is the future — connect with us for priority access to the closed beta.

Check out the full announcement from LablabAI.